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What does #0 mean?

Playing around with for loops today and discovered that while a for will not execute if you feed 0 to the N terminal, the output array will propagate through to a sum operation.  


The sum is zero (because the sum of nothing is nothing?) but what does the "#0" error(?) code mean?  Is it shorthand for empty array or NULL?  Where should I look in the Labview help for documentation on this?





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Change your 0 constant to a 1 or 2 and see what you get then...

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It is saying that you have an empty array (0 elements).

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Ok, so array size. Thanks.  Again, where in the documentation should I look for this?  





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It's the kind of thing you learn by taking the tutorials.


I don't think anyone who has used LabVIEW would know where to find such a specific thing in documentation.

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