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What causes this error "The requested action is invalid while onboard memory is disabled"?

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I am in the process of enabling continuous peer-to-peer streaming between the PXIe-5122 Oscilloscope and the PXIe-7846R FPGA module. However, I am receiving an error stating "The requested action is invalid while onboard memory is disabled." after the "niScope Fetch Binary 16" VI is executed in the while loop. I could not find any reference to this error online. Does anyone know why the memory might be disabled at this point in the program? This error did not occur before I began adding the P2P functionality (when I just at the waveform generator and oscilloscope programmed in the VI). Attached is a screenshot of the Host VI and the LabVIEW Project.

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I'm not familiar with neither NI Scope nor P2P stream, so I might be wrong.


The error state that the onboard memory is disabled.


Reading the documentation for P2P stream of PXIe-5122, it says that the onboard memory is disabled by default during P2P stream. You would have to enable the onboard memory through property node to store data to onboard memory while a P2P endpoint is enabled.

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