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What advantage is there to using OpenG?

A few years ago I installed the OpenG libraries.  For the most part they were duplicates of native NI libraries. Is there anything there that isn't in already in LV or are there any other advantages to using them?


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I mostly use the OpenG LabVIEW Data package for working with Variants, along with extensions of it like the OpenG Variant Config File tools.  

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I wouldn't exactly call them duplicates.  There are some needed additions to a lot of them.  Like the Random number.  OpenG allows you to define a range instead of being stuck between 0 and 1.  Other things are polymorphic to allow for arrays, which the built-in primitives do not allow.  And check out the Array palette.  There's some really good stuff in there.


The point of OpenG is reuse.  These are functions that I have made on my own many times.  Why not just use the open version that has been checked by the global community?


But you do have to watch out for the licensing.  It is free, but you have to supply the copyrights with any built application.

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@crossrulz wrote:


But you do have to watch out for the licensing.  It is free, but you have to supply the copyrights with any built application.

Note that the licensing is BSD so including them in commercial applications has no cost.


There a tons of functions that LabVIEW doesn't have that OpenG does.  I'd say that OpenG generally performs the same functions as some native ones, but then adds more features.  Like Build Path does the same, but with OpenG the path can be a string, or an array of string.  Strip File Extension works with a string, or a path not just path.  


The Array package in it self is awesome and should be included with LabVIEW.  Others like Error, Time, Zip, String, and Variant Configuration have saved me tons of time too.

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One of my favorites is "Fit VI window to Largest Decoration" (OpenG Application Control).


"This utility will fit (resize and center) a VI (defined by the "VI Ref" input) about the largest decoration in that VI.  It will add a border defined by border spacing in units of pixels."


Just create a decoration that defines the area of your front panel (can be invisible) and this function will make sure your panel is always properly aligned.



Also note that the OpenG timing functions have error in/out which makes it easy to insert them into data flow without extra structures.




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