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Webservice Startup VI not visible once deployed via installer

Hi folks,


I have a webservice running with a Startup VI in LabView 2020 Pro.  I want to be able to see the front panel of the Startup VI while the webservice is running and have enabled "Show front panel when called" and "Show front panel when loaded" for the Startup VI under its VI Properties/Customise Window Appearance. 


When webservice is run in debug the Startup VI front panel pops up and I get the functionality I'm after (i.e. visibility of parameters from the running webservices).  However, when I build an installer for the webservice and deploy it to another host machine, the Startup VI does not pop up and is not visible.  The webservice is otherwise running fine.


I am aware it's possible to surface the parameters to separate standalone VI but it would be so much easier if the front panel of the Startup VI could be made visible when deployed via the installer on another host.


All thoughts, comments and ideas are much appreciated.


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Are you aware of the NI web module? If no, please take a look at this.


Hope this could be helpful. 


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