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Webcam with myRIO


I am working on a surveillance robot with myRIO and needed help with choosing a very cost effective camera, under 20$/₹1200. Currently, I am not doing any advanced processing, but I need a camera that gives me continuous video, without any lag. Can someone please help me out with the available choices?


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I've got a Logitech C720 that IMAQdx can "see".  Never tried doing this with a myRIO, however.


Bob Schor

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Do you mean c270, not c720?

That fits within my budget, but won't that slow down the rest of the application due to its consuming a lot of bandwidth and CPU power?

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You have to make sure that the webcam is supported by Linux, as the myRIO is running a NI-Linux version 

There are multiple documents on applications on myRIO with webcam, search the site.

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There is a bit more information in the following community page about what camera specs you might need to look for to make sure it works on a myRIO.


In regards to the bandwidth problem, you should be able to configure the camera to run at a lower framerate so it doesn't take too much processing time.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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Oops.  I just put "Logitech 720" into Google, and when it showed me three inexpensive cameras, I didn't notice that Google was showing me 270, not 720.  That will teach me to trust Google!



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I already saw that doc and it doesn't much solve my problem.

As for the frame rate, that's exactly what I don't want to decrease because I want it to look like continuous recording. The c270 looked good, but again it says you need a minimum 1GHz CPU which myRIO does not have. So, is there a camera that can process the image and give it to the myrio to save both bandwidth and CPU power? (That's just a suggestion- the processing thing, if you have something better please tell me)

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