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WebDAV error 353629 when transferring files from cRIO to PC




I'm building an application that transfer files from a HDD connected to a cRIO (9040) to a PC. Tranfser is done using WebDAV Asynchonous VIs.

The HDD is always mounted as /u.

It happens sometimes, if the file size is greater than 900MB, that the transfert ends with the error code 353529 and saying that the server closed prematurarly the connection.


So I'm pretty far from the 2GB barrier using WebDAV, it shouldn't be the issue.

The PC running my application can have a Win7 or Win10 OS. Error happens on both OS.

I already tried to modify some registry keys to extend the file size limit as found on some other threads... But it has no effect.


Can you help me with this issue ?


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