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WebDAV Changes File Permissions

For my application I have a cRIO-9046 running an application and a host computer acting as an HMI. The cRIO creates a .tdms file to save data. I then use WebDAV (NI's reccomended protocol to transfer files) to transfer the .tdms from the cRIO (located at /c/Data_Log_Files/Test1.tdms) to the host computer using "Simple Get". That all works fine. I then do not need the file any more so I have the cRIO delete the file using "Delete" in the "Advanced File Functions" Palette. I then get an error code 8 saying I don't have the proper file permissions. I use the "Get Permissions" function and it shows the WebDAV function changed the permissions from "lvuser, ni, 110110100" to "webserv, ni, 110000000". Since it changed the file permissions I cannot delete the file or change the permissions (using Set Permissions) any more using "lvuser". I need a way to either make sure WebDAV does not change the file permissions or some other way to change the permissions in labVIEW.


I've read about using an SSH client to go in and change the permissions using the mv or chmod but this all must be done in the program while its running so I am unsure how to proceed. Thank you!

NI Software :  LabVIEW Professional Development System  version 2018 SP1
NI Hardware :  cRIO-9046
OS :  Windows 10

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Did you get any solution to this?

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