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Web-based installer LV2015 - LabVIEW_Platform_2015SP1_32bit_ENG_WB



I have downloaded previously LV2015 suite. I have the whole folder and I would like to install it, however after launching the setup.exe, it just starts to download again the full pack (about 10 GB, asks for download folder)! Even if I specify the folder where I have previously downloaded all files, it just does not recognize it...?

I have the install folder with all the files, size is about 9.9GB, listing below the content. How can I force an install from the local content, and avoid downloading everything again? Is this a bug?




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+1. I am having the same problem.

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I am now experiencing this problem with the May 2017 download. I was able to generate the spec file, but so far it always points to NI on the internet and wants to download everything that's in the same directory tree.


How did you guys resolve this issue?

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Deleting the whole folder, PC restart, try again. As I remember, it managed to fully download the whole pack after a few tries. One trick I remember, when the download speed seemed too slow, a pause/restart download in the dialog window brought back decent speed (i am on a university high speed lan).

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I actually had no issue with the download, FIOS did it rather well. Everything decompressed based on the WB installer download software actions.


My problem lies with trying to get it to install as an offline install which is what the setup.exe is supposed to allow according to NI documentation and initial configuration when setting up to download the WB installer. Then of course there's references to running it command line, which allowed me to build a spec file, but there's no direct method listed to allow an offline install.


All efforts result in the setup.exe configuring to download and install when one runs the executable.


Bottom line, the workstations I need to update are 100% offline and will never be tied to the internet.


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I guess in this case the best way would be to contact NI, and request the latest version of LV platform installers on thumb-drive...?

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And that's probably what I'll end up having to do. I gather the repository build is similar to what one can do with the VLM tool and the distribution DVD set, create installer files and directory structure on a server. (a repository)


The way I read the online info concerning the web based installers, I was going to have a setup.exe in the top directory which essentially acted like the installer on the DVD set, but all it does is goes back to NI to download what I already downloaded. It ignores the downloaded directory tree.


Of course for all the time I have spent researching this, I could have just gone down through the directory tree and ran each directories installer. Which is what I'll end up doing since I cannot wait any longer on resolving this. Time to have some more fun!



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