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Web Server Configuration and Issues


I have been battling with this for a couple days.  I have a VI on my programming laptop (Not on the network)  I also have an actual server where I am trying to do remote panel website.  So I created an installation that placed the NI Web server on the actual server when it unpackaged my program with the html page.  On the server I do NOT have LabVIEW installed, only the run-time engine for 2011 SP1 and the web server.  I have verified the web server is running and always booting at start.  I can not access the configuration page at localhost:8000 or localhost:3580 or localhost:3582.  When I am on the server and try to run the HTML page, the VI in the middle gets the error message "Invalid Server IP Address", however when I am on a third computer and type in the server and HTML address (Setup through IIS) I get the error message, "Server does Not support remote panels."  I have gone through all tutorials and they always go back to basically having LabVIEW installed on the machine for the settings, however this is not an option for me.

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I am assuming now that the web server computer must have the development edition of LabVIEW in order to run a remote panel, is this true?

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Hi RobSlad,


Have you seen this document?


It is possible to run remote front panels on a deployment machine without the full development system, but you need to manually modify some files to set up the configuration.  This article should walk you through the steps.



Michael B.
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