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Ways to find Overall CPU Utilization % & Specific Process CPU Utilization %



I am looking for an option to programmatically get the System CPU usage % and Individual application CPU % as shown in the Task Manager.


The use case is to monitor the application performance and take action if memory or CPU usage crosses the threshold limit. I am able to get the memory usage through the "Tasklist" Command line.




I explored on few options and most of it points to Processor time using counters from the performance monitor. I am also not able to get an exact relation/formula to compute CPU utilization % from processor time.


Attaching links explored,


Please let me know if anyone has prior experience or any thoughts on this.




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If you only need the CPU load, you could try this:



You can also get memory usage with the same node.


This doesn't separate it by process though, and as you see it returns a value for each thread (so 12 on my 6-core laptop).


For specific processes, you might try the .NET PerfMon interface/tool:

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Thanks Cbutcher for your reply,


I did look at the Resource monitor example shipped with LabVIEW and was not sure how to compute CPU total % as adding up all is higher than 100 and Average doesn't match with the task manager value. Let me know if you have any insights on this.

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Hello everyone,


I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I've been looking for a solution for CPU utilization for some time. I had a 32bits DLL (processHandles.dll) that worked exactly as I wanted, but I've moved to 64 bits Labview and can't use it anymore. It allowed to check resources for a specific task, and I used it to save memory and processor usage to disk. I've found a way to read memory using .NET calls, but the processor usage per task is not the same as windows task manager. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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