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Way to set thermocouple type dynamically for a channel on a compactRIO

Does any one know if there is a way to set the thermocouple type dynamically for a channel on a compactRIO.

With the solution I have now I have to go in to the code and change it I add more modules or remove one to get it to work.












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Hi magnuslilliehook,


I have looked at your program and understand what it does. However, I don't understand what you want to change. More specifically, I don't understand your second sentence in your post. Could I please ask you to refrase?

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Sorry some words are missing in the sentence.


In the solution I have now I have to go in to the the code and change it if I add or remove a module from the CompactRIO.


I want to put the configuration I a text file and if I want to add a new module I just update the text file.



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Hi magnuslilliehook,


I assume that you have a reason for not setting the thermocouple type of your 9214 statically in your project? I also assume that you have built an application and that you don't want to go into the code (the one you provided) and recompile every time you make a change. Am I correct in that you want to use the same code for all types of module configurations in your chassis?


By "change", do you mean that you exchange the module in slot 1 to another module? Otherwise, if you don't change the module in slot 1, the code should be ok. Have you considered using controls instead of constants? That way, the user can make suitable changes from the front panel without the need to modify the code. I was mainly thinking of the ring constant where you set your thermocouple type and the 9214 constant, where you set the address to your 9214 module.


However, if you need to remove the 9214 alltogether once in a while, replacing it with another module, then this code might be more challenging to modify. Maybe it could be solved by using a case structure that checks a predefined set of module alternatives that you know might replace the 9214. By using controls on the front panel (e.g. an enum control), the user can tell LabVIEW (and the case structure) where the module of interest is placed in the chassis and also, if it is a TC module, what type of thermocouple you are using.


Did this give you any new ideas? Maybe I have still not understood your problem completely.

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