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Want to log data once a second for 60 seconds, then once a minute until stopped.

This should be a simple problem for the LabVIEW masters on this forum. I have a simple program that I've posted about before. All it does is log and plot pressures from a transducer over time. Right now I use a simple timer to select how often data should be logged/plotted. What I need to do is have it log/plot once a second for the first 60 seconds it is running, then log/plot once a minute for the duration of the run. I'm not sure how to do that.



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Well, set the loop time to 1000ms instead of 50ms. That's directly what you want in the first stage.

Change the "elapsed time" function to not reset after the time has elapsed. Once "elapsed" is true, get data only every 60th interation.

If you want to graph the data at both stages, you need an xy graph, because the time interval is variable.

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