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Want Single Waveform output on front panel from nested for loops inside of case structure


I have two for loops inside of a case structure. When the case is true I have three waveform outputs and when the case is false I have a single output (inside loops in either case). However, one of these waveform outputs is essentially identical between the two cases and I would like to have the same waveform on the front panel display its data independent of the case (i.e. not have two waveforms on the front panel for this similar data stream). However, I cannot move the waveform output outside of the case because of the restrictions of the for loops.


Is there a way to tell labview that I want to use a single waveform for both cases?

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It would be so much easier to see what you're doing if you could attach a simplified version of your VI. Thanks!


Can you put the case structure inside the innermost FOR loop instead and then place the terminal after the case structure?

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