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Want Help on Neural Network

I have developed some code for the implementation of a two layer neural network structure in Labview. The network is supposed to read the training sets of data from a file and should train itself, but it is not working may be because of some error. The network can simulate successfully but is unable to train itself properly. I require this network for the implementaion of a very novel project

I have marked the whole program with appropriate descriptive tags(see If some one can tryout and find the error it will be of great help to me. I will then be able to post the correct network for the benefit of others.

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I have two suggestions for improving your code and increasing your possibility of troubleshooting it accurately.


The first suggestion is to not use sequence structures (flat or stacked). If you need to make a part of your code happen after another part of code, consider using a state machine architecture as described here:


Additionally, instead of using variables (local or global) transport your data using wires. This way you can be sure to conform to LabVIEW's data flow.


Both of these things will make your code easier to read and debug.


Best of luck!

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