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Wait+(ms).vi is it in LV 8.5?

I used the vi called "Wait+(ms).vi" in a program I wrote using LV 7.0. The end user has LV 8.5 and says that he's getting an error " Can't find "Wait+(ms).vi". I tried searching for it in the directories of LV 7.0 but came up empty. Waht's going on and how can I get him a copy of this vi so the program will run.
Thanks, S
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If I remember correctly that was just a wrapper around the Wait function. In LabVIEW 8+ that was replaced by the Time Delay Express VI.

An alternate solution: If you still have 7.0 you can open up your old code, find that VI wherever you're using it, open it, and resave it within your source tree so your VIs call that one instead of the one that's in the LabVIEW directory. This way it gets distributed along with your code.
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The VI you mention was (and is) part of traditional DAQ. By default, traditional DAQ is not installed with 8.5 but it does come with the rest of the drivers. It's on the Traditional DAQ>Counter>Intermediate Counter palette and you should also have been able to find it in your original porgam and determined the path. It's in vi.lib\DAQ\ctr.llb.
I agree though, that it's proably better to rewrite the program to use the Delay function but since the input to the Delay function is in seconds and the Wait+ has either millisecond or second inputs, it might not be just a simple replace.
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It is still there, deep down in the traditional DAQ intermediate counter functions.

Functions Palette >> Search >> type Wait+

Obviously, you will not find it if you didn't install the traditional DAQ library !

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