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Voltage to Angle (degrees)

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Hello quick question, fairly new to LabVIEW and was wondering if I could get help on some homework I am stuck on. How would I go about converting a potentiometer's outputs (voltage) into the angle a connected motor moves (in degrees)? Is there a specific conversion for this or a function to do this? 

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I mean, the answer is no, but it's mostly because you're asking the wrong question.


There's 2 main problems with this:

  • These things are dependent on the real world so you either have to actually have a potentiometer and a motor that you're using and trying to measure, or you have to have a "hypothetical" potentiometer and motor you're trying to estimate what will happen if you use them.  Which is this?   If it's hypothetical, there has to be more information provided than just "volts in", you have to have a way to convert that into work done.
  • Even with all that taken care of, motors don't move in "angle" units, they move in "angle over time" units (assuming a rotational motor, of course).  So you're going to need a time input into this as well.


That said, in general on this forum we ARE willing to provide guidance on homework, but NOT do it for you completely.  Please put forward some effort showing you at least made an attempt (i.e. a screenshot of LabVIEW showing front panel and block diagram of your VI at a minimum, or your actual VI as a file attachment is better).  

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