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Voltage ramp generation

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I am totally new to LabView, I use Labview 8.6.


I have a PXI-6704 and on three channels I should generate a ramp between 0V and 840 mV under 1 ms and then the signal should stay constantly at 840 mV. This signal is going to start some on-chip oscillators.


I have checked other kind of similar examples as well but as this is my very first experience in LabView I couldn't really understand much of them.

Can somebody please help what I need to use to get the expected signal? Or if somebody has a vi for that...




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You've chosen the wrong DAQ board. The 6704 is a static output board. That means that is software timed. The update rate is goingto depend on your pc, os, and code. Not only will you not be able to output x number of samples in under 1 msec, you will have a high degree of jitter in the update rate.
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Thanks! OK, I generate that ramp in another way. Can you give me some ideas/link to threads/vi to get started with the card? I will use it then only for keeping the input signal configurations which are basically costant digital signals apart from some low frequency also digital ones.

So I am interested in how it is possible to set the constant voltages to the cards output.

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Help>Find Examples>Hardware Input & Output>DAQmx.
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