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Visual Stuido LVUserEvent

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Hi, I'm trying to build the application "LVUserEvent" ( in Visual Stuido 2015, but I can not, I always get an error to build. I'm no expert in Visual Studio and do not know how to troubleshoot build. There is some more recent build of LVUserEvent? Thank you very much.
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What is the error you are getting?


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What Mike said. Give us a bit more details!.


That sample should be possible to build in just about any Visual Studio version since the 6.0 version the sample was created with. But Visual Studio is a complex system and needs to be configured correctly for your actual system in order for it to find the correct header files and link libraries.


And an extra complication might arise if you are planning to use LabVIEW 64 Bit. Then the Visual Studio project version converter won't automatically create a 64 bit target in the project since the VC 6.0 only could create 32 bit targets and the project converter doesn't invent new targets out of his own.


Have you added the <LabVIEW>\cintools directory to the include and library paths in the project settings? This is obviously a path that is dependent on your system installation and in older versions of Visual Studio this was in fact not even possible to configure per project but had to be configured in the global Visual Studio Settings, so couldn't even be part of a project configuration. Sort of logical since such things are not easily and seemlessly moveable to different computers.

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Thank you very much mikeporter and rolfk.


- At first only specify the path <LabVIEW>\cintools


Visual Stuido: LNK1104: cannot open file "labview.lib"


- But then, as I said rolfk, add the path in <Additional Include Directories> and <Additions #using Directoris> in the project settings


Visual Studio (multiple errors): error MIDL2096: duplicate:[helpstring] [Interface 'ILVArray'] 


- Then were exclude from project: "ILVDataInterface.idl" and "ILVTypeInterface.idl" files


Visual Stuido: error C1853: '\Debug\LVUserEvent.pch precompiled header file in from previous version of the compiler, or the precompiled header is C++ and you are using in from C (or vice versa)


- Change the option <Precompiled Header> "Yu" for "Yc" in the project settings


Visual Stuido: error C2857: '#include' statement specified with the /Ycstdafx.h command-line option was not found in the source file ILVTypeInterface_i.c


It is costing me complicate. Thank you very much for your help.

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