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Visual Basic and DataSocket

I have the following problem:

A LabVIEW server application, on client request, take some signals measures
from various struments. After, using DataSocket, it sends a response,
containing the misured signals, to a client.
The client request is send as a cluster transformed into a string using
Flatten To String.VI, and server response is send in the same way. The
client and the server applications know how read this data using Unflatten
From String.VI wiring the right "type" parameter.
When the client was running as LabVIEW application there was no problem.
The problem is happened when i thinked to transform the client as Visual
Basic application using Component Work: now i don't kwow how translate the
client request and transla
te the server response in the correct format
without change the server application.

There is anybody that can help me?

Thank to all.

Luigi Bulotta
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