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Vision: Image Display within TypeDef breaks palette update

Came across it while debugging my vision application, where I need to display different representations of various bounding rectangles cropped from a large image. So I created a TypeDef with an array of ImageDisplays along with the bounding rectangle coordinates.


While using it I noticed that the palette update (runtime menu on inmage display->palette) within the image display array didn't work. When explicitly setting the palette via property node on the array element, everything is fine. Also, when disconnecting the cluster containing the image display array and the bounding rectangle array from said TypeDef, the paletteupdate via runtime menu works again. Now, the TypeDef is non-strict. So I wonder this is intended behaviour or a bug?


I've attached an example showing the different behaviour of with and without TypeDef.

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I would say this is expected behaviour.

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Is it possible to explain a bit more about why your are of this opinion? With a strict TypeDef I'd agree, but it's a non-strict one here. Therefore I'm not aware of a reason why this should be intended.

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