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Vision Development Module not running after updating Labview project

I installed LabView with the Vision toolkit and it was running properly until I had to download an updated project that called up excel parameters into LabView. At the time of initial download, I didn't have the dependency files so I hit cancel on the popup that was asking me to manually locate the files. I have since gotten the files and added them to my LabView directory but anytime I open LabView now, it crashes and reports an error running the Vision Module. I don't know how to fix this. I am considering uninstalling and reinstalling LabView but am worried that my activated license will be lost.

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Your screenshots has nothing to do woth VDM. 
That dialog is a dependency warning for a path change. 

Just read the information in the dialog. 

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Thank you for replying. What do I do to fix this? 

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Two things: 

1. Accept the change in where LabVIEW has found the library your are using.


2. Make sure that you have installed the library in the correct place that your code looking for it

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