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Vision Developemt System


I need help with the following problem:
After my image has been converted to a binary image via Threshold function and other functions, I start the Shape Matching option in the Processing Functions Binary.

Unfortunately, my template image cannot be found in my image, no matter what options I equip the function with. (Minimum Score at 200 gives no result!).

My template image and the image to search in are attached.
Can anyone explain this?




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For pattern matching your search template should be a grayscale image not a binary image.

Check the NI Example Finder and look for Pattern to see how it is used.


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Hi RamonG,


you are right, if I want to make a pattern matching only.

But what you see on the pictures are LEDs, which light up. These LEDs can have a defect and form a "shadow". This shadow would not light up and would be displayed in the binary image as "not red". (See attached pictures)

My written program works also with other LED types, which have a different surface structure.

Only with the one pattern in "window shape" it does not work at all.

Something can not be evaluable at this form.


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Hi Alex,


Are you able to attach a sample VI and sample images that demonstrate what works and what doesn't?

Also, what is the goal you are trying to achieve? Pattern matching can be tricky and there might be other ways to go around it.

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