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Video Streaming through LabView


Hey all,


I'm currently trying to live stream video through LabView but have no clue how to do it.


The basic idea is this. There will be two computers, Computer1 and Computer2. Computer1 has LabView installed and has a USB camera connected to it. Computer2 does NOT have LabView installed (by design Computer2 does not and will not have LabView on it). 


The goal is to live stream the video from the camera on Computer1 through LabView and out to Computer2 using internet/network capabilities. How do I go about doing this? I have seen a lot of articles on this subject but most require both computers to have LabView installed. 

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You can build a standalone LabVIEW executable. (requires application builder. Do you have it?)

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I don't have application builder but can get it if it helps solve this issue. How would I go about using application builder to set up a video stream? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It depends how you want your final application on computer 2 to look.


You could stream JPEG frames (An MJPEG stream) over UDP or TCP. This could then be displayed in someting like VLC player or an internet browser (At least I know some used to support MJEPG streams, I have never done it though)


Failing that, you could use ffMPEG to create a different type of stream (MPEG4 for example). It can be challenging to get ffMPEG to share data with LabVIEW though, I would suggest the first option if you don't want to create a standalone LabVIEW exe (Although it is a pretty good method for streaming the data the a LabVIEW exe as well)

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