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Video Playback for Processing Problems / Options?

I am trying to tune a program using recorded video footage.  I am having a hard time finding a way to reliably play the footage back through LabVIEW for processing.  My program requires the footage to be broken into different thresholds and a particle analysis run on each.


Current Strategy:

I have attached an AVI playback VI.  With the image broken into two (or more) separate thresholds it is super glitchy.  I have an identical program that breaks grabbed camera footage into multiple thresholds in the exact same way and it works fine?  Why is this giving my problems?    Is there anyway to fix this problem?


Second Strategy?:

I have attached another example I found that shows playback through windows media player.  I can't seem to find a way to process this video.  There does not appear to be any image flowing through the block diagram.  Is there anyway to process this playback?


Third Strategy:  Is there something like a virtual camera application out there that can play video files and pretend to be a camera to the computer?  I could then just open the virtual camera in labVIEW like a real camera and run it in my original program.





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I want to be clear that I will be happy to do any video playback option for processing you know that works.  I don't need to make the above three options work if someone already has something that works completely unrelated.

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You already know the Third Strategy -- it is the "working parts" of the Read AVI File example that you used in your AVI Double Threshhold Playback.  You don't need the Timing functions -- just rip through the AVI, with each loop giving you an Image that you can use for analysis, just like a Camera will give you an Image every time it Grabs a Frame.


Bob Schor

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