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Video Acquisition Using LabVIEW - Reduced Resolution


Hi, I am using Labview to control an Andor iXON Ultra 897 CCD camera, and laser lines. However, the video quality is not as good as the one I got from NIS-Elements software. I am a newbie to LabVIEW, and I'm not very experienced in CCD camera. Can someone please give me any idea of how the quality of videos are reduced and how I may recover the resolution? (By reduced, I mean some fluorescent signal can be detected in NIS-Element interface, but not visible from LabVIEW platform. I have tried many times to examine the quality of my experiment materials, but I think they are not very likely to cause the problem).


I am guessing the reason can be the format of videos, i.e. I use nd2 on NIS-Element while the LabVIEW records(or convert, I have to look into the original program to find out this) the videos in a series of tiff format images. 


Thanks in advance! Any help is much appreciated!Heart




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Do you have the Andor SDK which seems to have "hooks" into LabVIEW?  The company seems to know how to interface with IMAQ or IMAQdx -- might check their web-site.


Bob Schor

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