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Very Quick PF Input Question

OK, lets go back to basics.

Describe the trigger signal and how you want this to trigger. Is it a TTL signal that is normally low and when it goes high (5V) you then want to trigger the operations OR is it normally high and when it goes low (0V) you want it to trigger the operation? Or something different? Feel free to attach a diagram that shows the exact transitions you are looking at.
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Its a TTL signal.

Normally low, and then switched to a high +5V.

I want to trigger on a low to high transition.

PFI0 is wired to this signal, on a rising edge.

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I have just tried this and it works fine for me. If you are still seeing different, I would re-check all of your hardware connections etc.

It may also be a good idea to contact NI Technical Support direct to discuss the problem further.

Thanks and Good Luck!
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