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Version import 5.1.1 to 8.5

I was given an application that was written in 5.1.1, and it won't open in 8.5. What version would it need to be upgraded to in order to be importable in 8.5? Would it take more than one intermediate step? Is there any type of converter that can accomplish this, or do I need access to an installation of intermediate version (??) to upgrade?
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Hi morsejl,

you need LV6 to open it. Or you ask your NI Team, i think they can help you.


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You can use ANY intermediate version from 6.x to 8.2.1 to open&save the VI to make it readable with LV8.5.
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Somebody here had a machine with 6.0 installed, so I was able to update the file with that. Thanks.
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