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Ventilator for coronavirus Covid-19 using LabVIEW control and standard components


It might be possible to build large numbers of ventilators for coronavirus patients using LabVIEW software and standard PC power supply and motion control components. 


There is an already published paper on this:


Perhaps National Instruments would want to produce these or similar ventilators as a public service.


With LabVIEW software and standard PC based components, it might be possible to produce thousands of ventilators very quickly.

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Oh, the linked paper was for rats. Here is a human based study. I think standard motion control and power supply modules could be assembled using LabVIEW to make thousands of these ventilators very quickly.


Anyone reading this post, please think about this, and how to implement it. This is a complicated project, requiring real engineering professionals, from National Instruments or some other competent organization.

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