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Various symbols in cells of the table

Help me please! May I put various symbols in cells of the table?
For example I want to make table with cell in which there is expression - "Delta(x)", where "Delta" should be the Greek symbol , and "x" - latin!
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The simple answer: No. Theoretically, if you were going to be able to do this, LabVIEW would either have to support Unicode (multiple byte characters allowing for things like different language characters) or it would have to allow more than one font to exist in a single string display. To date, LabVIEW does not support Unicode, though they have claimed its in the works (check KB) Oddly enough, a standard string control does allow more than one font, but this ability is lost when the the control is in an array.

Of course, like everything else, I'm sure there is a way if you are willing to use an embedded activeX control. Most MS controls I believe do support Unicode. You might try using an office or excel spreadsheet as a table.
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In the table you can set the font individually for each seperate row, colum or cell.  So, just go to character map and copy the character which you want and copy it to the cell.  It may be displayed as a different symbol based on your font set for that cell.  Just select that cell and have the same font as the font of the character map.


I was able to copy any symbol and replicate exactly the same in labview table cell or any string control by setting the same font style from where I copied it. 

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