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Variable Client Support 16.0



What version of NI-cRIO do I need to install to get access to variable client support for labview rt 16.0?

I installed NI-cRIO 18.0 May 2018 and selected support for LV 2016 but then only version 15 was available and I could not install that on cRIO, when selected support for 2017 and 2018 then I got 17.0.0 which is too new (so I cant install that on my cRIO either). 




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Hey Niklasson,


I've taken a look and it seems that the functionality of the Variable Client Support has been rolled into the core driver for Real Time. This page, while deprecated now, does show that the support for the Variable Client Support ended with LabVIEW RT 2013. 


Could I ask what it is you are trying to do that needs this driver?



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I am configuring a new cRIO chassi to be used together with comsoft/kunbus PB module for cRIO. I am trying to install the same software on new one as on the old one.

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BTW cloning / creating a cRIO image with configuration and software to dump on another chassi would be a very nice feature.

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