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Values not updated after case structure

I have a for loop inside a timed loop. Inside the for loop has a case structure which performs some operations. The values are not updated after the for loop. I attached the VI for reference. The image below shows where to place the probes.

Did i missed out something or was i careless??

I'm running LV2011



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Sorry, i was too careless. I should have added shift register in the inner loop.



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You need a shift register on your internal while loop.  Every iteration resets it to the empty constant.

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More than that, There is a difference between "No updates" and updates with wrong values.


When you use a probe, you should see that the value is "not executed" if it was really not updated. In this case, the values were updated, but with default values.



Olivier L. | Certified LabVIEW Developer

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