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VM machine and cRIO chassis

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Hi all, I make a VM whit Linux RTOS for cRIO platform and when I bot the VM, MAX recognize the chassis as cRIO-903x-VM and I want to change it in cRIO-9045.

In the /boot/grub/ grub env i should modified two field : 

Device Code=0 x 7735


Device Desc =cRIO-903x-VM


the second field I suppose is only a string as a "host name", but the first seem indicate the chassis. Someone can indicate the code for cRIO-9045?





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After creating this thread, the customer addressed a service request to NI Technical Support. The response was the following: it is not possible to simulate an RT target. However, VIs can be run from the host if they are moved under the host computer in the LabVIEW project. In the LabVIEW Real-Time Idea Exchange community, you can find some unsupported procedure for creating a virtual machine that runs LabVIEW RT. The customer was able to create a virtual machine with LabVIEW RT (like Desktop PC), but it doesn't simulate the cRIO architecture.

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