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VISA resource problem



I have few equipments connected through Agilent LAN gateway E2050 series. All those connected equipments are available and can communicate through NI-Max. However, when I use VISA resource manager in LabVIEW 2017 on Windows 10, I am not able to find any of those.

When I click on the drop down button, I can only see the COM ports that are native or virtual to the PC I am using. 


Any suggestins on how to get the equipment list avlbl ? Thanks for your help.




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I've used VISA with LabVIEW for years, but have never used the "VISA Resource Manager".  If you can see the VISA Resource in MAX, you can simply use the name that MAX assigns to it as the Device name when you call the Open VISA function.  Indeed, if you drop an Open VISA function and wire a Constant to it, by clicking on the Selector triangle on the Constant, a list of VISA devices seen by MAX will pop up, allowing you to choose the device you want.  If you need to generate the VISA name programmatically, you can generate it as a string and wire it to this input -- that will also work (I've got 12 VISA devices connect to a TCP/IP switch whose IP I know, so I specify Device N by building a string specifies the TCP/IP address and the Port for the specific VISA device -- works like a charm).


Bob Schor 

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