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VISA resource can't find GPIB

Don't plug in the Agilent and toss the prologix on a shelf. Any other surprises that you should have mentioned in your initial post?
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so I just need to install a newer version of NI-488?

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You need to install versions that have not been corrupted by the installation of the Agilent software, in my opinion. Whether you uninstall and reinstall what you had or install the latest versions is up to you. Personally, I would wipe the system of all NI and Agilent drivers and install the latest NI versions.
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Hi, I used another computer and the NI-MAX can find the GPIB under 'devices and interfaces'.

but the problem is it is very unstable. the GPIB-USB-HS GPIB0 appears under the list for a second, and then disappear, and then appear again.

I also notice that the LED status of GPIB switches between 'Active' and 'Ready' all the time. I guess that's why GPIB appears and disappears under the finding list.


but the VISA resource name list still can't find GPIB. do I need to configure GPIB in NI-MAX first?

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It sounds like you might have a damaged connector. There is a problem here that needs to be fixed.

As long as you have NI-VISA installed, there should be nothing else required. Did you do a scan for instruments in MAX?
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No I can't do the scan for instruments, because the GPIB is very unstable, and the MAX keeps searching. it appears for a second and disappears in the next.

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maybe the GPIB connector is damaged? should I use another GPIB? maybe Agilent? but using Agilent GPIB in Labview seems need other configuration.

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Yes, it sounds like the USB connector is damaged.

And yes, you can try the Agilent but making that work with LabVIEW and MAX is well documented.
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Hi You can use Agilent 82357A USB/GPIB interface by installing Agilent lO library suite. Select  Agilent VISA as secondary. After that in NI MAX>Tools>NI VISA>Visa passport> Check NivisaTulip.dll

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