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VISA resource can't find GPIB

it is a National Instrument GPIB-USB-HS. but in the VISA resource name, there is no GPIB.


I used the Agilent Connection Expert to check, it says 'there was a communication failure'.


How to solve this problem? Thanks!


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the GPIB is connected with a power meter. I have the Labview driver code, but I can't find the resource name.


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Why on earth would you use an Agilent utility for NI hardware? Please use MAX and provide the versions of NI-488 and NI-VISA. Delete all Agilent software.
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I thought the Agilent Connection Expert was just to check if the device is connected with computer.

Could you tell me how to check the versions of NI-488 and VISA please?

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They are listed in MAX under 'Software'. You installed them yourself, didn't you?

The connection expert implies that you might have installed Agilent 488 and VISA and that would be just wrong.
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they are NI-488.2 3.1.1 and NI-VISA 5.3


I tried to use NI-MAX but whenever I click the 'devices and interfaces', the software is NI-MAX 5.4 and I use Labview 2012.


Do I need to delete NI-MAX and install it again? or is there other way to check the connection of GPIB?

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Crashes how? Yes, you could try doing a repair first but it may require uninstalling all of the hardware drivers.

There are also newer versions available.
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the MAX spends many many minutes searching, and when I click on the software during the searching, it becomes 'not responding'.


is finding GPIB related to the version of VISA? I'm trying to synchronize the laser (serial) with a power meter (GPIB). the VISA resource name list can find COM1 but no GPIB. do I need to delete all the NI softwares (Labview, VISA, MAX) and install them again?

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by the way, I also have an Agilent 82357A USB/GPIB interface, and a PROLOGIX GPIB-USB controller. but none of them can be found at VISA resource name list.

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Finding the GPIB controller and any instrument is related to NI-488. VISA is an api on top of that but is not required though you'll need it for the instrument driver.

No, there should be no need to uninstall LabVIEW. MAX does not care If its installed.
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