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VISA read, spi data

Hi everyone,


a brief description in what is happening in my project:
a micro controller is connected to a xbee s2c module using SPI, and that xbee is transmitting data to another xbee on a sparkfun dongle connected to a usb port. for the most part it will be one way communication, from the uC to labview (sensor data being sent to labview)

Will labview be able to read this data as normal using the VISA commands? if not, how can I approach or find a way around this.

The uC is only able to use spi to connect with the xbee s2c. We have not tested the connection yet to see what kind of data labview will be receiving yet.

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Given the fairly speculative nature of the question, I can only offer a fairly speculative answer, but if your dongle provides some sort of virtual COM port, then you shouldn't have a problem. The communication method between other steps in the communication is likely unimportant (to the end user - of course, the dongle manufacturer cares a lot!)

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