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VISA and UDP working together and synchronization VISA's string

Good morning! 
I'm a beginner with labview, I see some tutorial online, but I want to use it for comunicate with two device in parallel. I have built a sensorized tool for a robot, and I comunicate with bluetooth with it (HC05 module). The comunication is set with a VISA loop, some char activate some function to the microcontroller kit (pSoc 5 LP CY8CKIT-059) and a string is received, put in the spreadspeed to array, and work, not elegantly, not fine every run. the string from psoc is putted by 100 millisecond interrupt, I syncronize but I'm not sure, with the same timing in the loop, so if start well it seems to be stabile, butI have to try some runs, because the string is maybe half sent by the time of the run.
So, and sorry for the long message, first question I would like to ask: Can I use a more efficent way for cumunicate correctly the string?
After, the code can be made better?
And know the question of the title: Can I comunicate an UDP together with the first? (UDP is for the robot, via ethernet) 
I have a file for it and it works but I can't put together with the other. The program simply open two port for reading (receiving status of the robot in one, and the position in the other) Furthemore the second port for reading give a feedback on what the robot see. It give a feedback in base of the command "send correction" activable by boolean. 
It work fine, I would like to have the same udp read write on the other file...

I thank everyone who will also just read this, for answers I will be gratefull
Thanks a lot

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nobody can give me an hand?

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Why did you put the function of waiting for an event? Did you see the examples?
In the second VI it is necessary to determine the sequence of sending and receiving the packet. Use the error lines. If the button is not pressed, the network will be flooded with empty packets. Redo it.


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thank you for the answer. Yes I have seen some examples, but no one with visa and udp toghether. I used as you said the error line, but actually is it not possible to work together (if i stop the reading of the visa, i can write on udp). I don't undestand if it is possible to have a well done serial comunication of both or I have to alternate them...

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