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Hi friends, i am writing a program to communicate to another computer via serial port, i am sending my bytes for every 1 sec, strange thing is happening which i dont understand that on every iteration of my while loop my byte index is shifting, please can anybody tell me whats going on with my code




plz see attachement files

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Well, your immediate issue is that you are sending 6 bytes, but only reading 5.


Other issues you have:

  • There is no real reason to flush your buffers immediately after opening the port.
  • Do not use Insert To Array to add to the end of an array.  Just use Build Array.
  • Instead of the formula express VIs, just use the actual primitives.  They are a lot more readable.
  • If using a non-decimal display for your constants, controls, and indicators, you really should have the radix visible (right-click, Visible Items->Radix).
  • You really should avoid a Sequence Structure if simple data flow can do the job.  This will also help eliminate your local variables.


If you want even better ideas for serial communication, you should really watch this: VIWeek 2020/Proper way to communicate over serial

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Thank you very much

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