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VISA Read continuous serial data drops packets...

They look like the are the same as the subVI's you posted back in message #1.  Did you fix them?  I described the problem you will have back in message #4.  If when you start your program, the first of the sync bytes isn't the next one coming into the buffer, you'll probably never synchronize with your message.  Crossrulz gave you a scenaro of how you should be executing these commands.


EDIT:  Attached a VI that implements Crossrulz's method.




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I have a similar problem to this, have you solved the problem?

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Hi M.z779243,


This forum you are posting on is almost two years old and may not get the attention needed. Please create a new forum post with your issue description and feel free to reference this forum for context. Thanks!

Jacob C.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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okey thanks

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