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VISA: RS232 Two termination chars

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I'm working in LV8.6, and have to do serial port manager. I have problem, because I have to allow user to use two termination chars in transmition. Is it possible to do with VISA? The termination chars should appear when reading and when sending.

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Accepted by topic author Czarek

Hi Czarek,

two termination characters for sending is no problem, but not for receiving. You should disable the termination character and read all bytes available. The you can cut your string with regular functions.


Hope it helps.


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Hi MikeS81.

I'll follow your advice. Thanks a lot.

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Is the communication protocol specific in that the appearance of those 2 characters in that specific sequence indicates the end of the message, or is it more like a CR/LF situation? If it's the latter, then you can simply set the termination character for the read to be LF (i.e., the second character).
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