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VISA : Hex 0xBFFF000E object reference is invalid

Hello All
I am trying to set up few devices (flow meter and mass flow controllers through LABJACK U6-Pro) for which VIs from the vendors are available. However, problem is this ERROR -1073807346 with message that given session or object reference is invalid. This VIs works independently when Unit ID, Baud Rate and COM port numbers are manually entered but when main VI is run this particular VI (attached here as FM) returns to default values of Baud Rate 2400, COMPORT:1 and Unit ID: empty.
This happens for all other devices attached here from this vendor.
Could anyone please explain this to me or assist me in this matter. Thank you

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To clarify, you are trying to use the U6 with a VISA interface?


LabJack devices do not work with VISA. We have our own USB driver and set of control VIs as documented on the following page:

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Hi LABJACK Support

Thanks. I know that LJ has different interface. However, here your device (U6) is not a problem.

It is VI provided by vendor or an error in my programming is the key issue. I know, should have phrased my question better. cheers



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