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VI with .NET runs in Dev environment, builds, but doesn't work in runtime

@wrkcrw00 wrote:

Attached is the driver I am using.

Straight Out of the" 

Watlow EZ-Zone Instrument Driver Readme.HTML  I wonder why they named it that???Smiley Wink

NOTE: When using Serial or USB communications, it is required that the following dll’s are placed in the same location as the executable.

  • SerialLink.dll
  • SerialLink64.dll
  • UsbLink.dll
  • UsbLink64.dll

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Thanks for the respond guys.  I didn't copy those dll because I was using Ethernet instead of serial/usb.  However since you mentioned it, I copy all the dlls and tested the program.  It worked! 

The missing dll is actually the Usblink.dll. 



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