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VI to control VISA device polling rate

I'm using a laser gaming mouse as a VISA USB device to collect interrupt data. The mouse has software made by the manufacturer that lets you manipulate polling rate, CPI, acceleration, and a ton of other stuff. However, to make it a VISA-recognized device, I need to wipe the other drivers from the OS and install VISA drivers for the device, erasing any kind of customizability that was possible before. Is there any custom VI that allows me to manipulate polling rate for VISA instruments? Even better would be one that also let me change the CPI for mice, specifically.



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Why don't you want to use the existing driver from the vendor? The only way to change the parameters for the mouse is by getting the low level protocol from the vendor or using their driver. I don't understand the purpose of using the VISA Wizard.
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Ultimately, I want to use the mouse to measure the movement of something else—I collect this movement through the displacement data of USB Interrupt events. I don't want to use this mouse to manipulate my screen's cursor or anything like that; it's strictly for purposes of gathering interrupt data.


If there's a way to preserve the vendor's drivers while also removing the normal functions of the mouse (i.e. interfacing with the OS) AND still being able to gather interrupt data in LabVIEW, that'd be great. Is there such a thing?

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Hi kwanlab


I am not sure if you can remove normal functions of the mouse, I am going to check that.


In the mean time here is an example that might be usefull:

Re: measure calibrated magnitude of 2 mouse displacement 2 determine axis of rotation - Discussion Forums





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