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VI to Open chosen PDF document

Working on LV2012  on WIN10.


As part of the application i have a folder in which i store about 70 odd PDF files which the user needs to refer without exiting LV application.


In my application, i am planning to give the user a dropdown combo which will list all available PDFs in the specific folder . The user can then choose a particlur PDF file to be viewed.


I should then launch Acrobat reader and display the PDF on it, preferably within a Sub Panel so that the user can close the PDF from within the LV application..


More important when he chooses another PDF to view, the one already opened SHOULD be closed. Or unless he closes the one that is open, i can disable the Combo listing to choose file from.


Any ideas ??

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If the relevant PDF reader has a .NET or ActiveX control, you can use that. If not, you can probably use the .NET browser control to navigate to the file, and that should probably show the PDF inside the browser control.

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If you want it in a LabVIEW front panel then yes you will need to use the ActiveX components of the Adobe Reader.  It is a bit limited but can display a PDF and allow for panning, zooming, and supports the normal features like bookmarks.  If you just want it to open the PDF in the default application you can use the command line like this:

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