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VI that evaluates EMG


I really need some advice on creating a program that does the following!


  1. When the VI is first run, all controls & indicators will reset to default values. The EMG plot will also be cleared.
  2. Select an EMG file with File Select. (either EMG 1, EMG 2, EMG 3)
  3. When load button pressed, EMG is displayed on plot. The first column is the time intervals between samples. The second column is the magnitude.
  4. When calculate button pressed, RMS, AVR, and total recording time are calculated and displayed. 
  1. When save button is pressed, a csv file is saved from the EMG plot to the location of save path control. File is called NewEMGData.csv. The amount of data to save is specified by the start and end time controls.
  2. Pressing stop will stop the VI.
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  1. Learn LabVIEW.  Really learn LabVIEW.  Strive for a CLD certification.
  2. Learn enough Biomedical Engineering, or Muscle Electrophysiology, to understand EMGs.  A little Signal Theory might also be helpful.
  3. Apply Steps 1 and 2 to solve your problem.

Bob Schor

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Hi syd,


please team up with zoe, she basically does the very same task!

Are you in the very same class?

Best regards,
CLAD expired, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2018 sometimes) on Win7+cRIO
Kudos are welcome Smiley Wink

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I'm trying to figure out how to make a typedef control. Any suggestions?

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Right Click

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This is what I have so far. I think I'm on the right track, but this is also my first time using LabVIEW. I'm having a hard time with my calculations, typedef, and displaying the signal.


Any help would be extremely appreciated by this very stressed college student in finals week!

(VI examples would help tremendously for this time-sensitive matter)

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You need to look into the training that NI provides on event structures. Nothing that you did as far, as function goes, is correct. Please take some time and read on how to use the event structure properly. That would be my first suggestion. NI has some great information and training for you to look into.

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