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VI server

Hi Folks,


I want to control a labview application from another VI remotely. I assumed that Vi server concept will help and I searched in the web. Finally I got the below link and I tired their instruction. Things are not working as they hyave mentioned. Could anyone help me in this?


Thanks in advance!!!






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What's not working?  What are you hoping you can do through VI Server?  If you have two EXEs running in the same run-time engine then you can get a reference to a VI running in an EXE using the technique they mention.  But everything works based on names which is prone to breaking.  


You need to know the name of the EXE to control, you need to know the port that it is setup to use.  You then open a reference to the application instance, then you need to open a reference to the VI in that EXE again by name.  Then you need to get a reference to a control in that VI, again by name is the easiest.  Then you can set the value using Value Signal property node, which will behave in the same way as if a user interacted with that control.

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