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VI runs OK from project but freezes when loaded separately

I have a main VI that was working properly for a while. Suddenly, the VI would freeze when loaded and I can't access the menu bar or hit the run/abort icons or use hotkeys to run or display the block diagram. The mouse cursor would also look stuck at a certain shape, like the click finger or resize arrows depending on it's state prior to launching the VI. I can't exist the VI except through ctrl+alt+delete. Oddly enough, I can start and run other VIs/projects while this problematic VI is in the "frozen state". In my attempt to solve the problem, I modified the name of one of its subVIs from windows explorer. As a result, when the problematic VI is started (double clicking the VI in windows explorer) Labview will display a window browser and ask for the directory of the modified subVI. I supply the directory, the problematic VI finishes loading and is NOT in a frozen state, I can run, modify, save, and use normally! The problem shows up again when I exit and load the VI.


In another attempt, I got myself a little organized and grouped all subVI and this main VI in a project. The problematic main VI runs okay from the project explorer but goes into the "frozen state" when ran separately. 


Prior to the frozen state problem, I was modifying the allow debugging, execution priority, and the reentrancy settings of the subVIs. I believe I now changed all of these back to where they were before the frozen state problem. Didn't help! Also prior to the problem I had a problem with one of the subVIs that was using too much memory where it would fail to compile, I solved this problem and this subVI is compiling properly. I also deleted the part of the main VI that calls this memory extensive subVI and still no luck. Also, prior to the problem, I configured some loop parallelism on some of the loops in the main VI and subVIs. In attempting to solve the frozen state problem, I disabled loop parallelism from all loops and still no luck. 


I am using Labview 2013 32-bit on a 64-bit machine. The problem happened on 2 different laptops. It also shows in safe mode!!


Please, help! 


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Compress the folder containing the Project, and attach the resulting .zip file.  Describe the hardware you are using, provide any data files or settings we need, and maybe we can figure it out.  We might say "Oh, you shouldn't do this that way", or otherwise make suggestions about your code, but isn't that what you want?


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob, The project is basically my company's design software that I have been developing for the past 2 years, I can't just post it here. I will try to dilute the project from any confidential elements and then post it. It will take me a day or 2.



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Have you been using some form of Source Control?  [I use Subversion, and commit frequently].  If so, look at the Logs and try to go back to a version that seemed to work (perhaps before you started tweaking VI properties).  Extract that to someplace "safe" (another drive, another PC) (and I said "Extract" so you won't be tempted to Commit it again) and see if it has the same problems.  Find the place where the trouble first appeared, and look at the VIs that were changed -- that is where you should focus your attention.  You can do such things as "substitute VIs one at a time" to find which VIs are truly "bad", then use LabVIEW's Compare Tool to see and understand the difference.


If you can narrow it down and still don't understand "why" it is happening, you should be able to create a small App that includes the "bad" VI and let us poke at it.


Bob Schor

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Check for large data sets saved as default in a control or indicator.



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