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VI crashes labVIEW on opening

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Ok well once the patch has finished downloading, i'll try again. I really could do without having to start again...



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It's still crashing... i'm obviously doing something wrong if yer getting it to open at yer end.. I have several versions of the same sub-vi's saved in different locations, maybe this is causing the problem..?

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It crashes my 10.0 on win XP.


The crash occurs immediately after ignoring the missing sub-vis

It also crashes if I attempt to open a reference to it.



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Smercurio_fc and Ravens Fan,


I just managed to open the vi there and all the sub vi's (and backed them upSmiley Happy). I wish to thank ye again especially Smercurio. Ye have saved me so much time.


If there's a contribution to this forum or anything like that I'd happily partake with some of my hard earned cash.


Thanks lads (or ladies..)

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click on the + Kudos button...

And select his post as Accepted Solution.


I have to check if I have the latest patch for LabVIEW 2010..

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So it sounds like the latest patch has fixed the problem.  That's good.


I searched the knowledge base and came across a couple things that may explain your crash.


LabVIEW 2010 f2 Patch Details


I think your problem is probably related to CAR #243106 which was explained further in this KB article.

Broken Wires or Terminals with Insert into Array Primitive Crashes LabVIEW 2010


Your VI did have some scraps of code including an insert into array function with no wire going into it, thus a broken wire coming out of it.

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I have 2010 with SP1 and i still get this crappy error when trying to open a front panel,

which surprisingly works well in 8.2.1


this is why i always hate to go to a newer version.

All you get is errors which are somehow unexplainable!!!!Smiley Mad


what resolution is there for me? reinstall? everything? recode everything?

this is all not acceptable!!!

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can you post your code so that others may check to see if it causes a crash on their PC?


LabVIEW 2010 SP1 seems quite solid.

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thats not possible because my project covers like 7000 vi`s...


i now found out that i get at least an error with LV8.5  telling me something about an "Insane Error..."

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here the error:

insane error.JPG


I am pretty sure that this is the same error that crashes LabvIew 2010

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