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VI Template will not load in subpanel when called asynchronously from Packed Library

I'm making multiple calls to a VI template using the asynchronous call.  The sub-vi works fine when I'm in development mode but when I deploy the application using a packed library the first instance of the VI loads but doesn't run and no further instances will load or run.  I've messed around with the flag options to the open reference call but this didn't seem to alter things.


Any ideas please.

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An update.....I'm getting kind of fed up with this packed library.  It's taken me some days to fix a number of issues so I thought I'd cheat.  I've made an identical copy of my PSU soft panel and given it a different name and modified the launcher so it makes just one asynchronous call and then copied that as well.  There's no change to the problem.  My VI will open in just one subpanel and only once?  


Is there an issue calling template VIs from a packed library?



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