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VI Name conflicts with "Open VI reference"

I am using LabView RT, where an application loads LLBs at runtime:




1- The user creates/compiles a LLB containg a VI that is loaded at runtime later

2- The user renames the contained VI to an enumerated name so that all names are always unique

3- The user uploads the LLB (containg the VIs with a unique name) to a LabView RT system

4- The LabView RT application openes all available VIs contained by the uploaded LLBs at runtime (the filename hints at the VI's unique name)

5- The LabView RT application executes the now opened VIs


My problem is step 2 where the user needs to rename the VI. This is because the RT application will not be able to distinguish between the opened VIs if their names are equal. I want to eliminate step 2 because it's error prone as the user always forgets to do the renaming or the user does the renaming in a wrong way (e. g. non-unique, typo).


A dirty hack would be to automatically replace all VI name strings (which are alidentical and like a placeholder) inside the LLB binary with unique ones at RT application's runtime. So the application takes over the renaming task.


Any other solution?


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